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 Favorite Movie: Who Is Cletis Tout
Favorite TV Show: Modern Family
Favorite Band: The Clash
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A fter moving to Rochester from the DC area in 2012, I decided to make the jump and start my own business, and HouseTwelve Media was founded! My career began with a small firm where I originally worked as a graphic designer. When the firm added video production to their services, I began editing video, and discovered my true calling!

I strive to capture the uniqueness of each couple and each wedding, the genuine emotions, joy and spirit of one special day in your life…all in a beautiful, creative, fun, and sometimes off-beat video.

When I decided to start my own video production company in Rochester, my goal was to bring something completely different to the table. I feel that my passion for my work has helped me realize that goal, and now I hope to continue pushing the limits and delivering fantastic videos. I want my work to stand out, be unique and fun, but most importantly, I want my clients to LOVE it.

Although most of my work is corporate, I am honored when couples include me in their wedding day. The best part of being a wedding videographer is the creative and emotional aspect that is often missing from my corporate work. Being able to deliver a video that surpasses their expectations is what my job is all about. I like to work closely with my couples, to get to know them and what they envision for their wedding day–and video. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for exactly, I’d love to meet with you so we can figure it out together!

You have a lot of options when it comes to your wedding or event videography! It’s important to find somebody you click with, who specializes in the style of video you are looking for, and is within your budget.



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